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Whether you’re wondering how to tackle a kitchen remodel, need help with a Masterpiece order or want to know how to get cabinetry replacement parts for an existing Masterpiece kitchen or bath, we’ve got answers to the most common kitchen cabinetry and kitchen remodel questions.



Looking for replacement cabinet doors and parts? You can purchase common Masterpiece cabinet replacement hardware, hinges and shelves directly from Visit the Cabinet Replacement Parts section to browse items available for online purchase. A local Masterpiece dealer can help you place orders for more specific items, such as replacement doors, drawer fronts and moldings for your Masterpiece kitchen or bath.

We do! Visit the Cabinet Care page to find a variety of cabinet touch-up paint kits and fill sticks, along with quart-size cans of paints and stains to match all current Masterpiece kitchen and bath cabinet finishes. Your local Masterpiece dealer can also help you order the right products for your needs.

Your invoice or order number is linked to all of the details for your cabinetry, including door style, finish and wood species. Have it handy when you contact the Masterpiece Customer Care team. If that information is no longer available, take pictures of your cabinets (be sure to take a few that focus on the center panel and edge profile details of your particular door), to share with a local Masterpiece dealer. You may also remove a door and bring it with you. All it takes is a Phillips screwdriver.

Use the Track Your Cabinet Order tool to see the current status of your order. Masterpiece tracking will provide updates at milestones, including order confirmation, the start of production and when your cabinets are out for shipping.

Contact the dealer who placed your order as soon as you can. They can place an expedited request to replace any missing or damaged products.


Because there is practically an unlimited number of ways to personalize your cabinets to fit your space, we partner with kitchen and bath designers at dealers nationwide to ensure you get exactly what you need. There is not an option to buy Masterpiece online or purchase cabinets direct from our factory. Find a dealer near you with our Masterpiece dealer locator tool.

You can find Masterpiece products on display at dealers nationwide. You’ll also find skilled designers who can help you manage every step of your project and design a room you’ll love for a lifetime. Enter your ZIP code on our dealer locator to find out who sells Masterpiece cabinets near you.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to provide an answer that would apply to most scenarios. That’s because the cost of Masterpiece kitchen cabinets varies greatly depending on the type and size of the cabinet, in addition to your choice of door style, wood species, finish and construction upgrades. (Also note, each Masterpiece dealer sets their own pricing to account for shipping costs to their service area.) After you work with a local designer to create a plan that fits your exact layout and specifications, they’ll develop a quote and present options to match your budget. No matter what, we’re confident you’ll find that Masterpiece delivers great value at any price.

We’re glad you asked. We encourage you to request samples of cabinet door styles and finishes you’re considering, to ensure you’ll get the exact look you’re after for your project. We even rebate the cost of your sample orders when you make your final cabinetry purchase. As you browse cabinet door styles, you’ll find each page includes a button to order a cabinet wood sample of the door style and/or finish you’ve selected. (A local Masterpiece dealer can help you order Masterpiece cabinet samples as well.)

Yes! If you have existing Masterpiece cabinets and need to replace kitchen cabinet doors or drawer fronts only, a local Masterpiece dealer may be able to help. Bring in your current cabinet door and drawer dimensions to get started. Sizes are limited to those in our current product line, but with thousands of products, most customers find something that works for their needs.

To ensure finish consistency and order completeness, we’ll build all of your cabinets at the same time, which means we work on one entire order at a time. Normal production lead time is about four to six weeks, with an added week for delivery. However, unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather can have a significant impact on a “typical” delivery schedule. Use our Track Your Order tool to keep tabs on your individual order.

Delivery Status

Customers should expect 4-7 weeks to receive their order.

Visit this FAQ page for the latest updates on lead times at the time of your order. Check your email inbox for messages about your order status. And track your order on our website to see when your order moves to manufacturing and then delivery. (Have your purchase invoice/order number handy before you go.)


Masterpiece cabinets have been proudly made in America – Middlefield, Ohio to be exact – since the beginning. What started as a workshop in a single-car garage has grown to become a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with nearly 1,000 skilled craftsmen and women who produce 1.6 million cabinets a year.

Put simply: with craftsmanship, quality and care. We insist on using high-quality materials and components for Masterpiece cabinets. Then, we include construction features other manufacturers include only as an upcharge. And we test to ensure our products perform beyond industry standards. It all comes together by the hands of skilled cabinetmakers and finish artists who take great pride in their craft. See everything that goes into building a kitchen that you can love for a lifetime.

We’ve found that some homeowners want matching cabinet paint to use on walls or other furniture in their kitchens or baths. We make kitchen cabinet color matching easy by offering quart-size cans in any color from our current palette.


Because we cover every finish we offer with two layers of protective topcoat, all you need to do to keep your wood cabinets looking new is wipe them with a soft, damp cloth. When you need to cut through tougher grease or grime from the face of your cabinets, use a gentle cleaning agent, like a mild liquid dish soap or Murphy’s Oil Soap®. For more cabinet care tips, visit our Care and Cleaning page.

Over time, hinge screws can loosen with normal use. Our hinges allow you to adjust doors to maintain perfect fit, operation and alignment with a simple turn of a screwdriver. Check out our cabinet adjustment tips for details on adjusting cabinet doors.

Visit our Cabinet Adjustment Tips page for simple instructions on how to align drawer fronts, door hinges, drawer glides and storage accessories to keep your kitchen in top working order.

Cabinets can be challenging to install correctly, so we recommend using a professional installer. But if you’ve got home improvement experience and want to tackle cabinet installation yourself, download our Installation Guide for detailed instructions and a handy supplies list to help you get successful results.

Big or small, it’s never fun to discover a blemish on your beautiful cabinets. No need to panic. Visit the Touching Up Your Cabinets page for instructions on disguising those imperfections.

It’s easy. To remove a drawer that has metal glides on the bottom, open the drawer, reach underneath and squeeze the orange release handles located on each side near the front of the drawer box. Then, lift the drawer out and up to release. To put the drawer back, place it on top of the glide runners and close the drawer completely. The locking devices will click and engage with the drawer glides automatically. Before you refill your drawer, open it all the way to confirm the locking devices have engaged. (These same steps apply to roll-out trays.)


There’s not a universal way to start a kitchen remodel. The process and experience is different for everyone. But all homeowners ultimately need to decide on things like style, budget and timeline. The Planning & Budget section of is packed with info, tools and resources to point you in the right direction – including a Kitchen Remodel Checklist you can use as a guide to get started with your kitchen renovation.

The cost of a kitchen remodel will vary based on things like the extent of your renovation, the size of your kitchen, the materials you choose and the cost of labor in your region. We’ve got an entire section of our site dedicated to helping you find the right investment level for your situation.

Increased value starts with how much a new kitchen, one that’s designed just for you, improves life in your home. But if you’re purely thinking about money, the Remodeling 2021 Cost vs. Value Report estimates homeowners have recouped up to 57% of their kitchen investment in improved resale value.

Every project will be a bit different, but you’ll likely spend several (very active) months between first exploring the elements you envision in your dream kitchen and preparing your first meal in it. Check out our Project Timeline for a rundown of the four major steps of a kitchen remodel, the basic activities happening at each phase and a general idea of how much time you can expect to dedicate to each.

From electrical and plumbing to carpentry and tile setting, there are a lot of dimensions to cover when remodeling a kitchen so it turns out perfect. We recommend only the most skilled individuals tackle a DIY kitchen remodel. Consider hiring a professional for parts of the project that are beyond your scope.

It’s great that you’re thinking about this because it’s important to keep your cabinets safe and sound in a climate-controlled environment between delivery and installation. Use our Preparing for Delivery page to help you identify the right spot in your home to store your order and set up your delivery drop zone. (Hint: Don’t just leave your kitchen cabinets in your garage.)

No one wants to live without a working kitchen for any longer than absolutely necessary. That’s why we strongly suggest you don’t start removing kitchen cabinets until your new cabinets have arrived and you have the opportunity to inspect them for anything that’s not perfect. Once you’re sure everything is right (and all your contractors are ready to go), grab a sledgehammer and kiss your old space goodbye.

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Remodeling can be a complex process with scenarios that are different for everyone. Since we can't address every question here, we have other ways to help. (And whenever you're ready to talk about your remodel, a local Masterpiece designer can guide you through every phase of your project.)


Send us a particular design or project planning question


Get specific product info or help with an order.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

Remodeling can be a complex process with scenarios that are different for everyone. Since we can't address every question here, we have other ways to help. (And whenever you're ready to talk about your remodel, a local Masterpiece designer can guide you through every phase of your project.)


Send us a particular design or project planning question


Get specific product info or help with an order.