About Our Finishes

The finish you select for your cabinets will have the biggest influence on the overall look and vibe of your space. Learn more about all the Masterpiece kitchen cabinet colors and stain finish options you’ll have to dress up your design.



Transitional Masterpiece kitchen in Dove White with center seating island in Greyloft

Masterpiece offers 15+ trending cabinet color options so you can find one (or a combination) to fit your style.

A perfect option to give your room a crisp, uniform appearance since paint completely covers the natural grain variations in the wood.

To ensure rich color, complete coverage and lasting durability, we spray every door and drawer front with three coats of catalyzed enamel paint.



Traditional Masterpiece kitchen in Pebble Grey finish with center island matched to Valspar Ocean Voyage color

Fell in love with a specific shade you found somewhere else? We’ll match any Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams or Valspar paint color to ensure you get the cabinet color that fits your unique style.

Available only through Masterpiece dealers.

Paints with Highlights


Masterpiece Traditional kitchen cabinet color in painted finish with glaze highlights

Show off the details of your painted cabinet door with highlights.

After the base coat of color is applied, craftsmen hand-apply highlights in the corners, crevices and ridges of the door and drawer fronts to create visual interest and enhance the look of your cabinets.

Translucent Cabinet Finishes


Traditional kitchen in Translucent Limestone finish with furniture island in Weathered Tavern finish

Wood cabinets with translucent finishes offer the color and brightness of paint without concealing all of the wood’s natural character.

We start by using a semi-opaque toner to ensure the final finish has more equal color coverage across the different grains.

Once the final color is applied, finishers rub each door by hand to reveal the right amount of texture from the grain.

For the final step, we swap out the standard MasterCoat™ topcoat for a Suede MasterCoat topcoat to produce a softer, matte sheen finish for your cabinet.

Cabinet Stains


Transitional kitchen in Cannon Grey finish

Stains can make all the unique characteristics and natural beauty of wood even more attractive.

Choose from 20+ cabinet stain colors that range from subtle to deep, dark and dramatic.

After the stain is sprayed on, we hand-rub each cabinet door to ensure even absorption of the finish – a step many other manufacturers skip.

Cabinet Stains with Glaze


Transitional bathroom with two vessel sinks on top of a vanity in Ginger with Sable Glaze

Glazing can create even more depth and dimension when added to a cabinet stain finish.

After the base coat of stain is applied, each door is completely flooded with glaze and hand-wiped to leave traces of glaze in the grain lines, recesses and grooves of the door.

Glazing darkens the base stain color overall. (Note that veneer center panels often appear slightly darker than the frame, as veneer will naturally absorb more glazing than solid wood.)

Next, a finish artisan goes back and artfully brushes on additional highlights to accentuate specific features of your selected door style.

With so much hand-applied technique, no two doors will look exactly alike.

Weathered Finishes


Transitional kitchen in Weathered River Rock finish featuring peninsula with furniture legs and open storage in Hoffman finish

Weathered finishes create the look of a finish that has been exposed to the elements

Using a dry brush technique to produce a subtle linear accent, artisans apply glazing over your choice of paint or stain

For the final step, we swap out the standard MasterCoat topcoat for a Suede MasterCoat topcoat to produce a softer, matte sheen to enhance the timeworn appearance

Aged Finishes


Transitional kitchen in Aged Concrete finish with herringbone tile backsplash

Get the antique character of a kitchen that has served generations of families.

Achieving this look starts with over-sanding and randomly distressing (wormholes, edge rasping, etc.) unfinished doors.

After the base color coat, artisans apply additional glazing using a dry brush to create a subtle linear accent that mimics a crackling finish.

For the final step, we swap out the standard MasterCoat topcoat for a Suede MasterCoat topcoat to produce a softer, matte sheen to enhance the rustic appearance.



Masterpiece foil finishes for kitchen cabinets

With practical durability and high-gloss or wood-grain options that showcase contemporary style, foils offer an easy-to-love alternative to paint or stain.

We use pressure and heat to fuse a solid-color foil to your cabinet doors and drawer fronts to produce a flawless, uniform and fade-resistant finish.

Available on select door styles.