Couple using a white tablet computer to look for kitchen design inspiration

The possibilities for your next kitchen really are limitless. Here are some tips to help you zero in on what you truly like.

Masterpiece Gallery

Browse kitchens (baths and other areas of the home too) that feature Masterpiece cabinets in dozens of styles, finishes and layouts. See something you like? Click on it to get the product details then save it to My Project for quick reference anytime you return.

Pinterest and Houzz

You may have already started to collect images and design ideas that caught your eye online.


Using hashtags to search social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter, is a great way to see the ways people have incorporated design features you like. (Hint: Link concepts together in your hashtag to get more specific. #whitesubwaytile #farmhousekitchen)

Find the Common Thread

Almost anything can become the inspiration for your kitchen. As you gather more and more images, take good notes and look for a consistent pattern. Do the majority of the kitchens you like have shelves instead of upper cabinets? Then that’s a good place to start a conversation with your kitchen designer.